Why should your company participate in the Intelligent Systems Challenge?  

There are many very good reasons, including:

  • The company will get significant media attention at very little cost. Experience from other programming and problem solving competitions around the world shows that there significant interest by the media and by the general public in this type of event. The CSCSI/Precarn Intelligent Systems Challenge will be a highly publicized event with a significant cash prize. Given the general interest in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent systems, we expect substantial media coverage. The company contributing the challenge problem will be prominently mentioned in all press releases and at all events related to the competition.


  • The company whose challenge problem is selected will have opportunities to interact with some of Canada’s best and brightest students in AI and intelligent systems; representatives of the company will be invited to participate in the competition announcement at the next year Intelligent Systems Collaborative Conference in Windsor, Ontario.


  • The company contributing the challenge problem will have access to the results achieved for its problem by the winning teams; although intellectual ownership remains with the team members and their institutions, Precarn Incorporated will facilitate IP transfer to the company if desired.


  • By submitting a challenge problem proposal, the company will support an event that has many benefits to Canadian students, industry and society as a whole. All supporters, including submitters of challenge problem proposals, regardless of whether their submission is selected for the competition, will be acknowledged on the competition web site.


What makes a good challenge problem? A good challenge problem …

  • will be of interest to Canadian industry or society (in particular, it should be of direct interest to the organization or company submitting it);
  • can be attacked by using techniques from the fields of intelligent systems and artificial intelligence;
  • is clearly and concisely described, so that the objective to be achieved by the participants is defined unambiguously;
  • is easy enough to understand that even high-school students have a chance of providing a solution;
  • provides a real challenge in the sense that finding good solutions is difficult (an example is combinatorial optimization problems);
  • can be solved using relatively modest hardware and software requirements.