Precarn helps Canadian companies bridge the “innovation gap”, sometimes referred to the “Valley of Death”, between university and government research and commercial application. The Precarn Model uses a collaborative research model that helps companies get to their endpoint faster, with less risk and more support. Our raison d’être is to make Canadian firms more globally competitive through the increased development and use of  intelligent information and communications technology (iICT) and expertise.

Precarn funds and coordinates collaborative research conducted by industry, university and government researchers, and promotes the importance of iICT throughout the Canadian economy. With investment from federal departments, such as Industry Canada, and provincial government agencies, Precarn plays a key role in growing and strengthening the networkof intelligent systems experts, researchers and students in Canada.

Precarn’s member companies and organizations create research teams to work jointly on complex technical problems requiring “intelligent solutions.”

Precarn is an example of a 4th Pillar organization, facilitating a catalytic role among the three traditional pillars in our economy: industry and business, universities and colleges, and government.